What is a Spider Plant?

This is about a curious but loveable plant called the Spider Plant.  I have heard it also called the Airplane Plant.  But here is information about the Spider Plant.  Here is an official article Spider Plant and here is an post made by a WordPress blogger about her Spider Plant, Plants & Projects.  In her photo you can see the “babies” hanging down ready to be cut off and replanted to make new Spider Plants.

Featured Image and Image here courtesy of Pixabay

2 thoughts on “What is a Spider Plant?

  1. my father, for as long as I can recall, loved planting. I, personally, have a black thumb, lol. I’ve managed to even kill aloe plants in southern Louisiana!

    anyway. my dad had some Spider Plants. they are so beautiful and whispy. I loved watching them sway in the wind, as he’d hang them from the porch ceiling and the like. they are gorgeous.


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