What is a Spider Plant?

This is about a curious but loveable plant called the Spider Plant.  I have heard it also called the Airplane Plant.  But here is information about the Spider Plant.  Here is an official article Spider Plant and here is an post made by a WordPress blogger about her Spider Plant, Plants & Projects.  In her photo you can see the “babies” hanging down ready to be cut off and replanted to make new Spider Plants.

Featured Image and Image here courtesy of Pixabay


  1. my father, for as long as I can recall, loved planting. I, personally, have a black thumb, lol. I’ve managed to even kill aloe plants in southern Louisiana!

    anyway. my dad had some Spider Plants. they are so beautiful and whispy. I loved watching them sway in the wind, as he’d hang them from the porch ceiling and the like. they are gorgeous.


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