What is a Spider Plant?

This is about a curious but loveable plant called the Spider Plant.  I have heard it also called the Airplane Plant.  But here is information about the Spider Plant.  Here is an official article Spider Plant and here is an post made by a WordPress blogger about her Spider Plant, Plants & Projects.  In her photo you can see the “babies” hanging down ready to be cut off and replanted to make new Spider Plants.

Featured Image and Image here courtesy of Pixabay

Why I am blogging 

I honestly don’t have any idea.  I get so many thoughts going thru my mind, I can’t think straight anymore.  Hopefully, I can get some of those thoughts here in written (typed) form.  Who knows, I might make a habit out of it.

I will be posting about our gardens, our family, going fishing, our dogs and cooking !! Oh, and I love to share my photos.

That’s it for now.